Tissue Degeneration using the Cytotron ® - Treatment for Cancer


Cancer is a chronic disease which causes uncontrolled multiplication (known as mitosis) of one or more types of cells in the body. Normally, treatment of cancer involves surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy (or radiotherapy) in that order. However the use of radiation that can have painful side effects due to ionization of atoms and molecules in the cells resulting from high-intensity high-frequency radiation.

On the other hand the Cytotron ® technology uses low power electromagnetic waves in radio or sub-radio frequency spectrum. The radiation is, non-ionizing and non thermal (does not generate heat). The electromagnetic waves do not destroy the cancer cells as in the case of conventional radiotherapy, but stops the DNA's uncontrolled mitosis, there-by bringing the cell into a normal state. In time through body's automatic cell death mechanism (known as apoptosis), the body get rid of the cancerous cells.

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